Harnessing The Age of Imagination

Imagination — the capacity to create, evolve and exploit situations and opportunities that don’t yet exist, is the crucial factor in seizing new paths to organisational growth in the disruptive economic world.

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Age of Imagination

Imagination will be the most valued skill in our modern society. The age of imagination is a theoretical period beyond the information age where creativity and imagination will become the primary creators of economic value. Contrasting with the information age where analysis and thinking have been the main activities.

There exists an imagination gap in most organisations. Entrained thinking becomes a constraint where knowledge comes in the way of curiosity and learning. Leading a culture of imagination will enable the organisation to stay relevant in a world of relentless change. 

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Harnessing the Age of Imagination

Imagination is the ability to think counterfactually.

Instead of focussing on ‘what is’, harnessing the strength of imagination gives us the capacity to explore ‘what could be’. Cognitive insights through deliberate imagination enable us to conceive and harness new opportunities in the shape of innovative products and services. AOI outlines thinking frameworks for modern leaders to collectively harness the culture of true innovation by leveraging the power of imagination.

Program Details

For the most part, the business world has ignored the power of imagination. Sadly, businesses continue to repeatedly apply, enforce, and justify outdated processes and cognitive frameworks that served in the industrial age, despite science having shown them to be now ineffective and poorly suited to the Imagination Age we currently operate within.

Corporate Sherpa’s AOI is an intensive 5 day in-person program that’s academically rigorous, hands-on, and collaborative. The program is designed to strengthen the capacity of the individuals and the broader organisation, to harness the ‘collective imagination’ to adapt and thrive through the constant volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. AOI will empower leaders to creatively think, lead, and quickly respond to changes of the disruptive realities. It will provide an opportunity for the leaders to flex both their business as well as their creative acumen.

Program Logistics

Who is this program meant for?

Leaders and project teams

How long is the program duration?

5 half days spread over 3-5 months

Program Outcomes

The key features of the AOI program are:

  • Understanding and application of decision and sensemaking framework.
  • Application of a collaborative thinking framework to uncover opportunities to enhance customer experience.
  • Understanding of a framework for creating improvement and innovation goals to improve productivity as well as organisational growth capabilities.
  • Development of a business plan model to communicate an innovative idea or concept to stakeholders.
  • Harnessing Cognitive Insights for novel ideas to fuel innovation.
  • Developing a continuous improvement process to leverage the cognitive insights of the organisation through imagination.

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