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Just like the wind, culture is invisible and its effect can be seen and felt. As a tailwind, it’s refreshing and moves the organisation forward, as a headwind, it just slows everything down.

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Culture is the engine that drives the strategy.

In order to survive and thrive in the current economic conditions, organisations must disrupt themselves before they get disrupted by others. 

They need to be agile enough to constantly learn, unlearn and relearn and adjust to new business conditions, ever changing customer expectations and seize opportunities before others do. We work with to you to create a nimble organisation that aligns the hard organisational factors like Systems, Structure and Strategy with and four soft organisational factors of Shared Values, Skills, Staff and Leadership Style. These interconnected factors, shape your culture and work as a system to affect your organisational performance.

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Strategic Planning

A strategic plan provides long-term direction for the organisation by describing where an organisation currently is and where it needs to be. We assist organisations in designing their business growth strategy and structure their operations to deliver improved business performance and drive shareholder value.

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We achieve this by assisting leaders in three areas:

Conducting Strategic Analysis: Analyse or assess the current internal and external environments they operate within through a combination of strategies and creative lenses,
Developing Strategic Focus: Formulate the near term, mid-term and long term strategic focus areas through a synthesis process,
Developing an Operational Framework: Facilitate the development of an operational plan to translate the strategic focus areas into objectives and key initiatives at the functional level and suggest ways for ongoing refinement and evaluation of performance. The operational plan is the bridge between the organisation’s strategic initiatives, purpose and vision —and the decisions and actions that happen every day. In setting operational priorities, leaders identify required resources, KPIs, monitor progress and evaluate performance.

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Who is this program meant for?

Our cultural transformation initiatives are designed for executives and leaders at companies of all sizes and stages, from current market leaders to dynamic emerging companies.

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Executive Leadership Coaching

From our experience with leaders in all different industries, we understand that the vast majority have great intentions for demonstrating collaborative leadership, can mostly describe what great leadership looks like and in many cases can apply those skills when given the opportunity to do so in a simulated environment.

The challenge however is how we transfer this “knowing how to” into automatic daily habitual practice. Our program modules are designed with an approach to work with the brain’s natural tendencies and to support leaders make small but significant behavioural changes over time.

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We believe that overall performance is the result of one’s potential, minus the interferences. Interferences can take the shape of self-doubt, distortions in our thoughts, lack of skill, knowledge or clarity, fear, being overconfident or not being grounded in the present enough and reduced courage and motivation. The brain is ‘soft wired’ and can change itself both physically as well cognitively, based on attention, efforts and guidance. Coaching enables the brain to:

Mould itself and identify, clarify and achieve business goals
Manage and leverage the stress energies
Increase levels of ‘Human ERP’ (engagement, retention and productivity)
Improve self-awareness through inviting multiple perspectives and improve overall business performance
As executive coaches, we will work with you to unlock and unravel your hidden potential, increase performance and well-being by using simple cognitive as well as non-cognitive strategies.

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