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The Importance of Teaming to achieve on time, on budget and sustainable objectives.

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Scaffolding stronger and productive teams.

Research tells us the characteristics of High-Performance Teams. The world’s most successful organisations have embraced this knowledge and integrated these principles into their workplaces

These organisations derive competitive advantage from the way that their teams work together. High Performing Teams exhibit high levels of trust and strong Social Capital. This helps them to work with each other’s shortcomings and to achieve optimal performance. Corporate Sherpas have taken these learnings and developed programs to rapidly deploy newly formed teams.

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Developing High Performance Teams

Establishing High Performance Project Teams

Despite the wealth of research and individual expertise of being able to describe the characteristics of effective teams, people and organisations still struggle to effectively translate knowledge into action. Relationships become a constraint in transitioning the teams through to the Performing stage in a timely manner. Our program is designed to build relationships between Leaders and their Team members and Team Members and their Peers.

Why do some teams succeed while others struggle?

Program Details

This program is aimed at strengthening the team’s capacity to demonstrate Enterprise Thinking whereby the team members practice extreme and meaningful collaboration with each other. The program content and the facilitated dialogue will focus on the following –

  • Reviewing and developing a cross matrix team charter
  • Reflect on and communicate about the team’s objectives, strategies, and processes
  • Identification of both adaptive and technical challenges in the project
  • Exploring the psychological and neuroscientific underpinnings of high performing team attitudes and behaviours
  • Using various strategies to regulate emotional constraints in cross matrix teams
  • Leveraging trust, communication, and relationships
  • Understanding and influencing the impact of expectations on team behaviours
  • Applying the art and science of communication to foster engagement
  • Exploring strategies to foster interpersonal Trust and Trustworthiness
  • Holding robust conversations when stakes are high, and opinions vary
  • Exploring and fostering a ‘Just in Time’ feedback culture
Program Outcomes

By the end of this development, attendees should be able to:

  • Understand their contribution in accelerating the team’s development and capability
  • Assess the unique needs of their team and implement a range of strategies to enhance team performance
  • Demonstrate increased ability to strengthen the Social Capital and leverage the group IQ of others to solve complex challenge

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