Kanwar Trevisan-Singh

Director Organisational Development

Growing up I remember being part of an affluent and closed-knit Sikh family where we celebrated birthdays like wedding events.

My memories took a U-turn on my 8th birthday when my family lost everything during the riots of 1984 in India when Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister was assassinated by a Sikh man. With our lucky stars we safely migrated to the land of Punjab, however we financially struggled for many years thereafter. It took me a while to get over the images of weapons and smoke that was imprinted in my 8 year old brain. My parents strived for me to have a wonderful and a comfortable life, one that they were deprived of post their experience of merely surviving the riots. In late 90s I took my first flight and came to Australia.

I fell into my current line of profession by accident, when I was taken under the wings of a kind ‘Aussie CEO’, for whom I was doing a cash job of moving furniture in his newly refurbished office whilst finishing university. This is where I explored my passion for understanding and influencing others.

In 2005, after being influenced by a good friend of mine, I left Perth to explore the world in order to further expand my horizons, both personally and professionally. I was offered skilled migration to England where I was fortunate enough to work with, learn from and add value in both public and private organisations in the field of Strategic Workforce Capability and Capacity Development. This is when I immersed myself in understanding and learning about the psychology and neuroscience of human behaviour.

For the next 8 years or so I travelled around the world learning, experimenting, making mistakes and learning so much more. I met my life partner in Italy during my work and travel adventures. Now we proudly parent our beautiful twins who are the source of immense pleasure and energy in our lives.

As a passionate Human Behaviorist, I find myself in the ‘state of flow’ and immensely enjoy exploring the contemporary and complex science and spirituality of human behaviour. 

Fueled with my desire to further appreciate and understand the irrationality of behaviours and decisions of otherwise well-meaning people, I attended the London School of Economics to explore the field of Behavioural Economics. 

With this passion and commitment I serve the leaders to make sense of and resolve the adaptive challenges of the disruptive economic worlds they operate within.

Every once in a while, even now, I wake up from that dream of the 8 years old boy peeping through the hole in the window, confused by the images of the riots in 1984. However now I immediately find myself smiling with satisfaction and immense gratitude for the generosity of so many that have shaped my present identity and capacity. 

Now I give back by serving others in their pursuit of their personal alchemy. ­